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canada goose factory sale In 1906, at the ripe young age of 20, Freuchen cheap Canada Goose dropped out of medical school and set off to explore Greenland by dog sled. That’s where he met his first wife, an Inuit woman named Navarana Mequpaluk, who bore him a daughter named Pipaluk Jette Tukuminguaq Kasaluk Palika Hager and a son named Mequsaq Avataq Igimaqssusuktoranguapaluk because even canada goose coats the alphabet rightly feared Peter Freuchen. canada goose factory sale

On another of what came to be known as the Thule Expeditions, Freuchen found himself buried alive after waiting out a blizzard. With probably the grossest MacGyverism ever, Freuchen took a dump into his hand, shaped his deuce into a chisel, waited for it to freeze rock solid, and then chipped his way to freedom. Unfortunately, shit chiseling is grueling work, and by the time he crawled back into Canada Goose online camp hours later, his left foot was hopelessly frostbitten. That’s when he without any anesthetic whatsoever performed a self amputation on his gangrenous foot, hopefully not with his canada goose shit chisel.

When the Nazis came a knocking during World War II, Freuchen returned home to join the Danish resistance movement. After aiding countless refugees from the Reich, Freuchen was captured and sentenced to death. Of course, he escaped and fled to Sweden, because if Mother Nature herself couldn’t murder the bastard, what chance did the Nazis have?Jack Lucas Jumped On A Grenade And Skydived With A Failed Parachute

buy canada goose jacket 14 year old Jacklyn “Jack” Lucas was big for his age. But rather than squander his gifts playing football or buying beer for his friends, Lucas instead forged his mother’s signature on a recruitment form and went to fight with the Marines in World War II. Canada Goose Parka While trenched in on the shores of Iwo Jima, two grenades threatened to take out Lucas and his squad mates. Here’s what happened next, in Lucas’ own words: “I hollered to my pals to get out and did a Superman dive at the grenades. I wasn’t a Superman after I got hit. canada goose store I let out one helluva scream when that thing went off.” buy canada goose jacket

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canada goose clearance 1942: When going to war required as much parental paperwork as when your 6th grade class went to the post office. canada goose clearance

canada goose Lucas’ heroism earned him “more than 250 pieces of shrapnel in his body and every major organ, including six pieces in his brain and two in his heart.” He returned home at 17 years old not even old enough to technically enlist today where he became the youngest Marine to ever canada goose black friday sale be awarded the Medal Of Honor. canada goose

canada goose clearance sale Lucas clearly wasn’t afraid of much. In fact, there was only one thing that got to him: canada goose clearance sale Heights. But that Canada Goose sale was still one thing too many for Lucas, so he set out to conquer his phobia by joining the Army legally, this time as a paratrooper. If you’re afraid of bears and haven’t already signed up to wrestle a grizzly, Lucas thinks you’re kind of a pussy. canada goose clearance sale

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buy canada goose jacket cheap “I also used to have claustrophobia, so I had a someone lock me in a safe and throw me in the river.” buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk black friday On one training jump, both Lucas’ main and backup parachutes malfunctioned successively, because nothing helps you overcome a fear like experiencing the absolute canada goose clearance maximum that fear can offer. He soon joined Canada Goose Jackets up with the Cherokee Nation, where he apparently learned to use every part of the foot to kick life’s ass. When the War Of 1812 began, 19 year old Houston joined up to fight with General Andrew Jackson’s army. canada goose uk black friday

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Where discipline was administered with a bigass cane.

While facing off against another tribe at the Battle Of Horseshoe Bend, Houston watched a canada goose deals soldier charge the enemy over an earth and log barricade, only to get immediately perforated. That was the first man to charge. Sam Houston was the second. The enemy rewarded canada goose outlet his sizable bravery by shooting him with a sizable barbed arrow. In the groin.

uk canada goose outlet Rather than quitting war and going home forever as would be perfectly understandable after catching an arrow to the dick neighborhood Houston merely turned to his nearest fellow soldier and asked him to pull it out. buy canada goose jacket When the soldier suggested that maybe they should find a medic because, you know, arrow to the groin, Houston pulled his sword on him and demanded that he remove the shaft, so Houston could launch straight back into the fight. He was rewarded for his renewed bravery by being shot three more times and collapsing onto the battlefield, where he was left for dead overnight. After being discovered still breathing the next morning, he was dragged 60 miles on a litter to a fort, where he was once again left for dead. uk canada goose outlet

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canada goose coats on sale Years later, he would be wounded again, but still have his enemy surrendering to him. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk outlet Of course, as a certain city in Texas that isn’t canada goose coats on sale Dallas can attest, Houston survived to start a prolific political career. On April 13, 1832, he bumped into Ohio congressman William Stanbery on the streets of Washington. Stanbery had recently accused Houston of defrauding the Cherokee while serving as the governor of Tennessee, a fact that did not sit well with a man who had once married into the Canada Goose Outlet tribe. So Houston, predictably, beat the ever loving shit out of Stanbery with his cane. Stanbery pulled a gun and took point blank aim at Houston’s chest, only to have the weapon misfire and give Houston reason to double up on his trouncing. At the age of 15 he was sent to the infamous Mauthausen concentration buy canada goose jacket cheap camp, where an SS captain told the new arrivals, “None of you will get out of here alive.” Rubin quipped “Nice fellow” to the guy next to him, and then proceeded to prove that SS captain wrong unlike 150,000 others at Mauthausen, as well as Rubin’s own father, mother, and sister, who never made it out of their respective camps canada goose uk outlet.