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canada goose outlet black friday If he holds strong and doesn’t put the Senate passed measure up for a vote, he could risk another shutdown and strengthen the Democrats’ argument canada goose outlet in montreal that another government closure is canada goose outlet online store review the fault of Republican obstructionism.”I don’t think I can guarantee a House outcome but canada goose outlet vip I think the stronger the bill, in terms of the strength of the canada goose outlet store uk bipartisanship in the bill the odds go up in the House,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D Va.) told HuffPost.For now, Democrats were happy to end a government shutdown, fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years, and functionally not give up any of their leverage.Although CHIP had bipartisan support, Congress had failed to renew it. Part of the reason is that there were disagreements over how to pay for it, with some GOP proposals undercutting Obamacare in the process.McConnell reiterated Monday morning that he would move to vote on an immigration bill if the two sides can’t agree to one by Feb canada goose outlet black friday.